IBC 2018, Barcelona, Spain

  • A short course in frailty models: theory and practice, Statistics in practice invited session

ISCB 2017, Vigo, Spain

  • From scripts to packages: how to be disciplined about your R code [slides]
  • Non-proportional hazards or unobserved heterogeneity in clustered survival data: can we tell the difference? [slides] also presented at IBS Channel Network Conference 2017, Hasselt, Belgium & 9th EMR-IBS and Italian Region Conference 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Population-based Time-to-event Analyses 2016, London, UK

  • Dynamic frailty models for recurrent events data
    [slides] [video] also presented at Avoiding Bias induced by Design and Analysis in Life History Cohort Studies (2016), Freiburg, Germany Population-based Time-to-event Analyses (2016) London, UK 28th International Biometric Conference (2016) Victoria, Canada